Should You Avoid Sunscreen While Pregnant?

Pregnant woman sunbathing at beach

It is normal to question some of your not-so-healthy habits when you have a little bub on the way. Snacking on crackers and kombucha, sunbathing during peak hour, and relying on sun-tan lotion to get a shimmery glow, are things that go from brilliant ideas to excessive worry the moment you get pregnant. 

Pregnant women are known to scroll the internet for answers, and when it comes to sunscreen, it is easy to quickly stumble onto a list of chemicals that intoxicate your worst fears. 

Yes, certain beauty products, including sunscreen, contain Oxybenzone – a chemical that has been shown to penetrate the skin cells and disrupt hormones. But that doesn't mean you should go without sun protection in order to avoid it. 

While keeping your hormones balanced is crucial during pregnancy (and we're by no means recommending you to use chemical-filled products), there is a lack of scientific evidence that these types of chemicals actually endanger your growing baby. 

On the other hand, unprotected and extended sun exposure can do more damage to your skin and pregnancy. 

The Risks of Unprotected Sunbathing During Pregnancy

Sunbathing without sunblock is generally not recommended, no matter your age, condition or skin type. Between sunburns, risks of melanoma, accelerated-ageing, getting a tan is not always worth it. And that is even more relevant when you're pregnant. 

  • Dehydration. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun can quickly raise core body temperature in pregnant women. This can not only drain you from much-needed fluid and cause dehydration but also increase the embryo's temperature and, in worst cases, trigger damages
  • Skin damage. The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy mean that your melanin increases. This pushes the skin to be more sensitive to free radicals, decolouration, burning, and cancerous melanomas. 

So, if unprotected sun exposure is detrimental to your pregnancy, should you avoid going to the beach altogether? Well, not really, as there are ways to enjoy some well-deserved vitamin D while keeping your skin and your growing bub safe. 

How to Stay Safe Under The Sun

Getting enough sun is important while you're pregnant. After all, the sun enhances mood and delivers some Vitamin D. But there's a right way to expose yourself without damaging your health. 

  • Enjoy sunlight in the early and late hours of the day. A morning walk on the beach or a sunset picnic is a safer way to expose yourself to the sun while you're pregnant. 
  • Hydrate. Sunlight and its temperature will ultimately dehydrate you, so make sure to drink plenty of water while you're out and about enjoying some fresh air.
  • Wear a natural sun blocker. Sunscreen made of natural, organic and mineral ingredients like zinc will safely protect your skin from UV damage. These types of sunscreen are free of chemicals and more appropriate to the needs of sensitive skin. 

Our tinted zinc cream checks all those boxes and will ensure that your face and your belly stay protected. And not to worry, wearing sunscreen won't impact your Vitamin D intake. All in all, keeping yourself safe from sun exposure while pregnant is best, so make sure to protect yourself and use sunscreen!

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