Our Origins


Where it all started

Joel was born in the Gold Coast of Australia, always having a strong connection to the ocean he began surfing as a little tyke. Fast forward and one day Joel returned home to Anita from a surfing trip with his next big idea, except this time it was more than an idea, it was something that he needed to pursue, A natural zinc cream. He was sick of the pollution poisoning the oceans, the place where his life journey had begun, that the current creams were causing not to mention the thought of what it was doing to our bodies. It was time to create a natural solution.


It started getting real

We began lab testing to make sure that the cream was worthy for the public, making sure that it would have the SPF 30 rating required. When we were satisfied with the results, we would hit the markets every weekend to bring Sun & Earth to our community and create impact. At the time we were also working weekdays in the bush regeneration industry, positive environmental and community impact will always be at the very core of who we are.


Breaking out

It was time to get real, the product was ready but the publicity wasn’t strong enough. Attending festivals with large market stores was the first target which generated enough interest in what we were doing to lead to securing wholesale distribution, resulting in Sun & Earth being stocked in over 300 health stores. We still felt that we needed to be making our impact on the environment and community so we started planting trees at home and started working in disability support.


Steady Growth

With the constant steady growth of the business it was time to focus on the manufacturing and how we would continue to produce the product with the quality we required. We continued to explore our community outreach through attending markets... and our home life became a lot busier with building and the addition to our family with goats joining us.


Ups and Downs

This was a very big year for all of us...Anita became pregnant but this was all counterbalanced with Joel becoming diagnosed with terminal cancer. Life was put on hold for us both. We had to focus on ourselves and the future of our family. We asked for more help with the business with family taking roles in the markets and our friends packing orders and taking over social media. Joel ended up having undergoing multiple brain surgeries and had to resort to being wheelchair bound. We had a successful home birth in October.


Progressing Forwards

Adjusting to life as parents whilst still battling cancer with several rounds of chemotherapy was challenging to say the least. Joel was determined to get out of the wheelchair and underwent rigorous physical rehab. The business took a backseat as we focussed on ourselves and our family and meeting our challenges.


Here we are

It was time to focus again on Sun & Earth, something we’re both so proud of and feel is an important product for you, and the earth. We’re so excited that we have been able to bring together everything we’ve learnt about us and Sun & Earth the brand and have recently launched a new website and collaborating with amazing creatives, which has really started adding fuel to the fire for our business ambitions.


Catastrophic flooding in Lismore

Our home town experienced a flood that took our home and business overnight. In the wake of the event we found our new home on wheels, a converted Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome who we lovingly named “Soho” (after South Hobart, where we found her). We spent 6 months of the year exploring Aus and processing the flood. By the end of 2022 we found ourselves living in a little coastal town called Cabarita Beach, or Bogangar… started up doing markets again and healing.


Resettling and Growing the business

This year we have continued to settle into our home by the sea in Cabarita, enjoyed bringing our products to the people at new market stalls and brought out a new product! After many years of customers asking if we could bring out a body lotion sunscreen we have finally done it! We are so excited to launch the new range in time for Summer this year! Keep your eyes peeled.