Plow Surf + Sun & Earth Bundle

Now Stocking Plow Surf hats

Plow surf hats are for surfing and all (above) water sports. Designed in Australia with all the features to keep your hat on.

They come in four sizes, with two tightening mechanisms to make sure you've got the perfect fit! The other features dramatically reduce the amount of slipping off. You've never worn a surf hat this good!

Zinc for everyone

Made for everybody! if you're in the surf or the snow, at work or play, you need to care for your skin. Designed for all skin types & ages, Sun & Earth is for the whole family!

Our Tinted All Day Cream is a REVOLUTION in skincare.

It's a nourishing & lasting face cream made to wear in the elements to nourish, tint & protect your skin. It's a day cream with natural SPF's a foundation, a sun shield and a moisturiser all in one!

Skin matters

Designed for everyday wear, Sun & Earth will NOURISH, TINT + PROTECT your skin physically, with no nasty Chemical Filters.

Our All Day Cream nourishes your skin while shielding you from the elements. Olive, Coconut and Cacao oils are naturally moisturising and are high in antioxidants, wonderful for repairing damaged skin.

Zinc Oxide is a known UV shield and has many ancient natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin.

Beeswax is a natural waterproofing ingredient which means that our zinc will survive the surf, sun and sand!

The green screen

We use SOLAR POWER to make our cream.

So you can be sure that you are truly buying some Green Screen.

Sun & Earth Zinc is made sustainably from natural ingredients.

You can be confident that the cream you are wearing is biodegradable and no Toxic residue will wash into the Oceans while you play.