Here’s How to Protect Your Winter Skin Against Melanomas

women on winter beach wearing sunscreen to protect against melanoma

The end of summer means that your body is slowly letting new moles, freckles, and dry spots permanently settle on your skin. Unfortunately, not all of them are harmless.  

​​A recent study published in March by JAMA dermatology found that melanomas are expected to increase globally by 50% by 2040. Wearing sunscreen is the most recommended form of prevention, however, it is common to see us Aussies skip the SPF during the winter months.

Should you wear SPF all year round?

Yes, winter sunscreen is a necessity. 

The reality is that, as winter is officially settling, habits like cozying up at home and limiting fresh air exposure means that we skip on SPF regularly. Yet, you know the drill. A sunburn down under can happen all year round, no matter if you’re out for a morning surf or in Perisher with your mates. 

To avoid letting that damaged Ozone layer - and the UVs it lets through - increases your risks of melanomas, a little SPF can go a long way. Sunscreens help prevent free radicals from penetrating your skin and triggering malignant cells. It also reduces wrinkles and limits pigmentation. You can read more on the anti-aging benefits of sunscreen here.  

The Australian Cancer Council notes that wearing SPF all year round can reduce the risks of melanoma by 40%. In short, sunscreen is one of the best things you can do for your skin to avoid cancer scares - even in winter.

How can you implement sunscreen in your winter skincare routine?

Hint: it’s all about layers. 

Whether it is your body or your face, layers are the focus in winter. Sure, you have no issues snuggling into long sleeve sloppy joes and some Uggs, but you should take a similar approach for your neck and face. Hear us out.

During the winter months, the change in weather means that your skin naturally becomes more sensitive. As such, it is also more prone to be damaged by anything, including UVs. But we get it, adding an extra step to your minimalist skincare routine is a bummer. 

What if we told you, you could actually swipe 1-2 steps for zinc? After cleansing and moisturising your face, use our tinted zinc cream. It comes with an SPF 30 and a light coverage - natural glow ensured! It also contains nourishing ingredients that will protect and soothe your skin all day long. Heck, you could even skip the morning moisturiser if you really wanted to!

We break down in more detail how to build your daily SPF-friendly skincare routine in this blog

Tinted zinc cream for winter: final tip

We’ve heard it before: our tinted zinc cream can be a little tricky to apply in cold weather. This is because of its all-natural composition: coconut oil, olive oil, cacao butter, beeswax and all the good stuff. 

You know how coconut oil solidifies or softens depending on the temperature? Well, it's the same with our zinc. 

To avoid this little hiccup, gently rub around your tint for a few minutes to “friction” and “warm-up” your tinted zinc cream. Alternatively, you can also put it up by the window or your car’s dashboard and let it soften under the morning sun. 

The tinted zinc cream is a protective and snug-as-a-bug solution you can apply all year long to keep melanomas at bay. Get some tinted zinc cream.

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