How To Create a Simple Skincare Routine With Your Tinted Zinc Cream

We may sound like a broken record, but we love to remind anyone we cross path with that wearing sunscreen is not only crucial for your skin, but using one that doesn’t pollute the ocean or give you rashes is just as relevant. Sunscreens help protect free radicals from penetrating your skin and triggering malignant cells. It also prevents wrinkles and limits pigmentation.  

But while putting sunscreen on your body is a pretty straightforward no-brainer, things get a little dicier when it comes to your face. 

Between the serums, the creams, and the makeup, where do you even get started with sunscreen? How can you re-apply it throughout the day without caking your face? And if your makeup is labelled with SPF, isn’t that enough? 

Well, today we unpack all your concerns and give you our best tips to create a full-proof, sun-safe, and adaptable-to-your-needs skincare routine. 

Debunking Your SPF Makeup

Whether it’s your BB cream or organic loose powder, there are a handful of makeup products labelled with SPF on the market. And while we’re not saying that those products don’t contain any SPF, they rarely offer you a full and lasting protection. Dermatologists have noted that most people don’t apply enough makeup to actually be protected from UVs and that using sunscreen - whose main purpose is to block SPF - is essential. 

Additionally, layering up a sunscreen with SPF makeup doesn’t necessarily mean that you get stronger protection either. If you’ve dived into our Simple SPF guide, you’ll know that an SPF rating actually stands for the length of time you are protected and is influenced by your skin sensitivity to the sun. In short, always choose SPF sunscreen over SPF makeup. 

Creating Your SPF-Friendly Skincare and Beauty Routine

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff. We know that you’re one of that natural beauty who is a strong believer of “less is more”. But breakouts, wrinkles, and hormonal imbalances happen, and we all need some skin and beauty care. 

So how can you fit your SPF tinted zinc cream into your routine? 

Our tinted zinc cream is made of natural and minerals ingredients, meaning that the SPF cream will sit on top of your skin. So when it comes to your routine, the zinc cream should be put after your skincare and before your makeup (if you put on any). Let’s break this down. 

Step 1: Cleanse

There is nothing like cleansing the night away and waking yourself up with a splash of cold water and soap on your face. But might skip this step from time to time. Yet, it’s important to make sure you have a clean canvas before applying any product on your face (zinc cream included).

Step 2: Nourish

If you want a glowy, plump, and smooth complexion, then try adding vitamin C serum into your routine. Serums penetrate deep into your skin layer and can be used on its own or sealed in with a light moisturiser. The goal is to nourish and hydrate your skin before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Protect

Our tinted zinc cream is primarily a natural SPF protection for your face. It will seal your serum and moisturiser on the skin, and act as a primer for your makeup. Since its composition is quite hydrating and offers a natural tint, some like to skip using a moisturiser before and makeup after. Those steps are completely up to you. With our zinc cream, the tinted coverage is light and focuses on creating a more even tone. But if you require that extra coverage, then keep reading.

Step 4: Layer

The downfall of using zinc cream on your face is that a powder-like foundation is not a good idea. As the zinc tends to create a nourishing yet sticky layer, powders cake up on the skin. However, a light and liquid foundation can easily be applied over zinc cream and give you the extra coverage you need.

Re-applying Easily Throughout The Day

Whether you only wear your zinc cream or use an extra layer of coverage, you can easily re-apply SPF throughout the day. Both your cream and your foundation will be liquid-based, so reapplying cream over cream won’t impact your makeup to drag all over your face. 

But if double layering is not your thing, why not carry some face wipes, and repeat step 3 and 4 at midday? Whatever option you choose, know that re-applying your SPF cream at least once a day will ensure that your face stays sun safe.

Having a skincare and beauty routine that includes strong SPF protection throughout the day is simple. You can keep it very minimal, or add up any extra steps you enjoy. The key is to remember how your products interact with each other, and how they really benefit your skin.

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