The Latest On The Great Barrier Reef Endangerment and What We Can Do About It

Protecting Australian Coastlines from petroleum


The pandemic hasn’t been the only thing making headlines lately. There have been some new stories on the great barrier reef and the beautiful coastlines that surrounds Australia. But unless you’re an avid news reader, you might have totally missed it. 

So, what has been happening with the climate and the ocean in the past few weeks? 

Well, we’re definitely not a news channel, but we believe that starting a conversation and sharing the development of a cause we so strongly try to protect is well, relevant!

We thought that if you’re an avid surfer, an ocean lover, or a green advocate, you will love to sit with us virtually* with a byron bay brewery beer in your hand, and chat about how our community can create more positive change for the ocean and the life within it. 

The update on the Great Barrier Reef and Australian Coastlines

In June 2021, the coalition government announced that they would open 80,000 new petroleum exploration across Australia. The offshore coastlines impacted currently include Victoria, Tasmania, and various basins along with Western Australia. 

Why is this happening? Well, mostly for political and economic reasons. But how do these decisions impact the climate and the ocean?

When it comes to coal or petroleum - we already know that these gas emit a massive amount of carbon emission. Between the drilling, processing, usage phase, and the occasional oil spills due to accidents and toxic release, offshore exploration put a heavy toll on the marine ecosystem. 

Think of fish disturbances and poisoning, sound waves that may trigger seismic reactions, and the intoxications of the reef. Those are all byproducts of offshore drilling. 

So while the Australian government does not actively plan to drill into the Great Barrier Reef, the damage caused along the rest of the coastline - especially when it comes to toxins - does not stay stagnant and be carried around the ocean, including up to Queensland. 

In fact, the same month UNESCO recommended for the Great Barrier Reef to be listed as endangered. Why? Because of the inaction of the Australian government on climate change, the continuous degradation of the reef that is seeing no ends, and their failure to meet water quality targets. 

How Can We Create Change

In honesty, this type of news makes us sad, angry, and a little helpless… because it seems that one person out of the millions of Australians cannot really make a difference. 

But that’s not really true. Besides living more mindfully - reducing plastic, cleaning beaches, and using more sustainable products in our daily life - our voice can also be heard! 

Surfers For Climate is an organisation dedicated to positive climate actions. They love to take matters into their own hands and stand up for the ocean. Through them, you can stay informed on the latest oceanic news, sign petitions against ocean damages, participate in climate events, and donate to support the movement. How much you want to get involved is up to you. 

Alternatively, you can also get involved with WWF Protect Our Ocean program or volunteer with The Climate Council. And if organisations aren’t your thing, another option is to get involved in politics and elevate your oceanic concerns with your local council and government. 

Now tell us, how do you feel about the latest news impacting the Australian coastlines? 

Have you ever joined an organisation to take action? And if so, what was your experience?

We want to start a conversation and see how we can better protect our beloved blue zone. So make your opinions, experience, and story heard! So share it with us using the comment section or get in touch with us on Instagram at

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