The Importance of Beaches and How To Go Zero-Waste

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Living in Australia means that no matter the season, you can enjoy some time at the beach. Between morning walks by the boardwalk, post-work surf in the afternoon, and weekend picnics at sunset with friends, there are so many ways you can experience the seaside.

But the reality is that no matter the season - but more prominently during winter - we’re starting to see an influx of trash and debris on the beach. Perhaps it’s because the areas are a little less monitored than in summer. However, that doesn’t make it okay. From single-use coffee cups buried in the sand to baby nappies floating in the ocean, it is up to us to make a huge effort and be mindful of our waste, even at the beach. 

So, how can you make your ocean trip eco-friendly? Today, we share with you our zero waste guide for the beach. 

The Importance Of Beaches

While as human we tend to be snobby when it comes to beaches, keeping our shorelines free of trash and plastic is important. A lot of marine and animal life depends on the health and safety of the beach - penguins, kangaroos, birds and crabs are popular along the coast of Australia. 

But having a waste-free beach doesn’t just impact them, It also impacts us.

Additionally, we as human also live off the health of our shorelines and maintaining a healthy eco-system and prevent erosion is vital. It is important for our homes because waste-filled beaches contribute to climate changes and the damages that come with it. It is also relevant for our mental and physical health, as the shorelines provide us with recreational opportunities - from sailing, swimming, walking, surfing and lounging. 

So instead of polluting it, why not do the best we can to keep our beaches free from waste?

Your Zero-Waste Trip To The Beach

Pack with reusable containers

Between hungry kids, organised picnics, and your thirst for water and coffee, chances are your trip to the beach will involve some needed nourishing. Yet, it is common to rely on a nearby shop to buy paper-cup drinks and plastic-wrapped sandwiches. 

But saving the beach - and some money while you’re at it - is actually really easy. Pack up your salad in a glass jar, make use of steel containers to bring your fruits, have your handcrafted ceramic cup in hand for coffee, fill up your reusable water bottle, and use those beeswax wrapping for the bread. You get the picture. 

If you’re planning on bringing drinks and snacks, prep them at home and pack them sustainably. This will help you avoid accumulating single-use trash at the beach. 

Bring a spare bin bag

Humans are funny that way, we tend to dislike touching what is not ours. And that’s especially true when it comes to trash. 

While you might not dare to throw your soda can in the sand, you might have passed by one without picking it up once or twice. And that’s ok because we’d say everyone has been guilty of that. 

But now that we are calling it out and raising awareness, we believe we can all do better. So when you take a trip to the beach, bring a spare bin bag and don’t be shy. If you pass in front of any trash, pick it up. Even if it may seem like a small action, it will have a valuable impact. 

One less trash in the sand is one wildlife saved. 

Use eco-friendly wax and sunscreen

Making your way to the beach always imply that your equipment and/or your body are gonna layered up with something protective. But between surf wax and sunscreen, we know that there are plenty of nasty options out there that can damage the beach. 
Stay away from chemical-filled and plastic-packaged protections. Instead, seek eco-friendly and biodegradable options to wax your board and shield your body. Our all-day zinc sun cream is made of 100% natural ingredients and in a reusable tin. You can shop it here for your next trip to the beach.

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