How to Pick the Right Tinted Zinc Cream Shade For Your Skin


At Sun & Earth, we love to keep it bare and simple. After all, it's often that you can find our bub Heath running around naked or Anita chasing him around without makeup. We are passionate about staying away from chemicals, especially when it comes to our skin. On top of that, layering 10 different skin products on our face and body is not our thing. Who has time for that anyway? 

We believe in clean, minimal beauty that doesn't just make you look good but also keep your skin nourished and protected. 

Our tinted zinc cream seemed like the perfect solution for every skin type in the family. It protects Joel from the sun when he's out paddling and canoeing. It keeps little Heath safe when he's busy chasing animals on the farm. It also gives mama Anita a moisturising and lightweight tint on her face all at once so that she doesn't have to waste time getting ready. 

But we 3 options, we understand that it can sometimes be confusing to find what is right for you! Thankfully, all our tinted zinc cream offers the same moisturising and protective benefits. The only difference is their shade. So how can you pick the right one for your skin? Well, keep reading to get the low down on your tinted zinc cream. 

What Is a Tinted Zinc Cream?

A tinted zinc cream is basically a moisturiser, lightweight foundation, and sunscreen all in once. You can easily apply it in the morning all over your face and skip the extra skincare steps. The natural and efficient composition of our tinted zinc cream makes it that your skin is moisturised, covered, and protected from both UVA and UVB. It includes:

  • Organic coconut and olive oil which are hypo-allergenic and extra-nourishing,
  • A special blend of beeswax and cacao butter for a lightweight shade that smooth your skin complexion
  • A non-nano iron and zinc oxide for a safe and effective sun shield.

Some love to use it for a surf, others just like to wear it all day long. What you do with your zinc cream is up to you. However, if you are one of those outdoor goers who spend their whole day in the sun, we recommend re-applying your zinc cream every few hours. 

How To Pick The Right Shade For Your Skin

At Sun & Earth, our range of tinted zinc cream includes 3 shades: Sandy Light, Sunny tan, and Earthy Cocoa. To find the perfect shade for your face, you may want to consider your skin type, skin tone, and overall complexion. Let us explain.

You might think of your skin tone as the obvious shade of your skin. However, its colour varies, especially when you tan. On the other hand, Your skin type is always the same and implies the moisture or dryness of your skin. A combination of the two and how they interact with your environment defines your complexion.

While this approach might be complex with regular makeup, picking the right shade of tinted zinc cream is quite simple.

Sandy Light

If your skin tone is naturally light, blushed, or brightly golden like the sun at 8am, this is the shade for you. Those with fair skin often have a gentle and sensitive epidermis, which can be prone to sunburn. The best way to use Sandy Light is to re-apply throughout the day and adjust the amount if you tend to easily break out.

Sunny Tan

For those naturally golden skin who tan easily, Sunny Tan is a no brainer. With a combination type skin, Sunny Tan will melt in easily with your natural tone and keep you protected for hours on end. Apply twice a day... or more if you go for a swim. 

Earthy Cocoa

The perfect answer for any dark, smooth and chocolate-like skin tone. This shade will seamlessly blend with your complexion and keep you safe from UVs. With a skin type that offers envious and resilient abilities, you can get away with applying it once in the morning. But of course, if you're out for a tan, layer generously and repeatedly. 

And if your skin tone falls in between shades, no need to worry. By blending two shades together, you can create the perfect tone for your skin. All tints are like a creamy, lustrous wax for your face and will blend in with your natural complexion. Their level of protection and moisturising impact on your face are the same, so all you need to do is to adjust the amount your put on depending on your needs.

And if you have any more trouble picking the right tint, get in touch and let us know. We'll be more than happy to help you.

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