Does Zinc Sunscreen Dry Out Skin?

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Unlike chemical-filled blockers, wearing mineral sunscreen that contains zinc means that UV rays reflect back to the sun, giving them no chance to discolour or damage your complexion. 

In fact, there are so many skin benefits to using zinc. This mineral has been linked with reducing the risks of cancerous melanomas, preventing skin ageing, and - depending on their formulation - reducing inflammation. 

Yet, some people are still reluctant to use zinc out of fear of having dry skin. Zinc oxide is a mild astringent mineral, which can restrict the excretion of stuff your skin needs to stay hydrated - aka sebum, sweat and other bodily tissues. 

But before you start ditching your zinc, there’s a little more you need to know. 

How zinc interact with the skin

Zinc is - you’ve guessed it - a mineral. Zinc oxide is a derived compound created when zinc is chemically heated and combined with oxygen molecules. So while zinc can be found in nature, zinc oxide is modified and used within sunscreen for its important anti-UV benefits.

The beauty industry created two types of zinc oxide: Nano-zinc and non-nano zinc. This is mainly to prevent the annoying “white-cast” that often comes with mineral sunscreens. 

The nano component of zinc refers to the size of the zinc particles. And while this may seem irrelevant, the particle size does influence the way zinc oxide impacts the skin. When zinc particles are micro-sized, they can sink in the skin and harm living tissues. An extensive review pointed out that nano-zinc can trigger inflammation, dryness and risks of toxicity.

Non-nano zinc oxide is therefore a much safer alternative. It is fully protective against UVs and nowadays formulated to leave little to no white cast on the skin. It has also shown to soothe breakouts and inflammation, have antibacterial properties, prevent pigmentation and skin-ageing, and improve the synthesis of connective skin tissues. It is even more beneficial for your skin when paired with the right natural ingredients. 


Does the tinted zinc sunscreen dry out skin? 

Sun & Earth tinted zinc sunscreen is your skin’s best buddy. 

Non-nano zinc oxide is thoughtfully blended alongside nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, cacao butter, olive oil, and beeswax. All of them provide specific benefits to your skin that prevents it from drying out. Think anti-inflammatory, cellular regeneration, scar healing, deep nourishment and more. 

The SPF30 tinted zinc sunscreen is safe for skin who are sensitive, brand-new (yes, we’re talking bub), and have medical conditions such as eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. In short, while some zinc sunscreen may be drying depending on their ingredients, our tinted zinc sunscreen is formulated with sensitive skin in mind to ensure full UV-coverage and a minimally-invasive way. 

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