7 Podcasts On Sustainability, Ocean Protection And Clean Beauty

Whether you listen to it while driving between Byron and the Gold coast, or during your morning stroll along the beach, podcasts are such a great way to learn, discover, and ponder new ideas. 

But while true crime and business-related podcasts are among the most popular… it can be hard to find a good audio show that talks about the things that matter - aka sustainability, ocean protection, clean beauty, and zero-waste lifestyle. 

So we dived deep into our phone to bring you the 7 best podcasts on the subject. Open your podcast app, and get downloading asap. 

7. Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Discussing practical ways to create an environmental difference, this all-things zero waste podcast dives into habits, hacks, and products that are here to make our life easier - and more eco-friendly. 

6. Talking Clean

Hosted by Nourished Life founder Irene Falcone, this podcast chat to the scientific, doctoral and entrepreneurial voices that aspire to make the beauty industry cleaner. If you’ve been looking for informational tips to go low-tox and learn more about skincare, add this one to your list. 

5. Eco Chic

This eco-conscious podcast explores sustainability, climate science, and a practical plastic-free lifestyle. Led by Laura Diez - a sustainability professional with a master’s in climate science, this podcast is like having a casual coffee chat with a friend and chatting about the endless possibilities actually available for us to make a positive change. 

4. NOAA Ocean Podcast

Run by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, Making Waves is a weekly podcast bringing verified news and information about the latest on ocean life around the world. Think discussion about ocean noise and motion or exploration of shipwrecks. 

3. How To Save The Planet

In a world where climate change is seen as a polarizing subject with no way out, this podcast gives us hope by roaming the earth and chatting to the experts within it. With a funny yet relevant tone, Journalist Alex Blumberg and Scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth help us figure out how we can build a better future, one episode at a time. 

2. The Regenerative Journey

If you’re curious about regenerative agriculture, farm-to-table, and food sustainability, this podcast is made for you. Run by Aussie biodynamic farmer Charlie Arnott, this weekly show is densely packed with insightful interviews that aim to help us realign with nature - and everything it has to offer. 

1. Speak Up For The Ocean Blue

Here to educate us in a sensible way about ocean conversation, this podcast dives into everything ocean life, plastic pollution, climate change, and everything that influences our blue ecosystem. Through expert interviews and practical takeaways, this podcast encourages and  empower you to lead an ocean-friendly life. 

Are there podcasts on sustainability, ocean protection, surf, and clean beauty that you love? Share your favourites in the comment below or with us on Instagram at @sun.and.earth.zinc 

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