7 Outdoor Sports That Requires Sunscreen

Climber on a mountain at sunset wearing zinc cream


Gone are the days where sunscreen was solely saved for those warm, beach summer days. With the UV rays getting more intense year by year, wearing sunscreen every time you’re running around outdoors should be a no-brainer. 

The sun won’t stay away from your skin just because you’re not lying on the beach in your boardshorts or bikinis. In fact, we are more prone to sunburns when we’re out and about without protection. 

And if you’re reading this, chances are you have been sunburned by “accident” too many times. Whether that’s when playing with your kids at the park or gardening all afternoon long, certain activities make us forget we are exposing ourselves to harsh and unforgiving UV rays. 

Here are 8 outdoor sports that should require sunscreen 110% of the time. 

So before you send your kids off to their sports game, or head out for a workout yourself, don’t forget to layer some natural zinc onto your exposed skin. 


Being on the field kicking a ball around - even for two hours - can lead to some pretty nasty redness on the face, neck, and arms. What’s more, is that your kid’s soccer games probably happen during peak sunny hours, making it more dangerous for your skin - no matter if you’re playing or watching.


We know, it’s probably the only sport where you even think about putting on sunscreen. Yet, we can easily dismiss it when wearing a wetsuit. However, no matter the season, our face and neck still get exposed to the sun - so don’t forget to protect them. 


Are you an avid climber tackling the rocky edges of the blue mountains or the rainforest? Then you need to wear some zinc. Because yes, the dense trees might provide you with lots of shade, but the reality is that UV rays will still reach you.


Any sports that happen on an open field require some sun protection. And Rudby is no different. Yes, you might get some strong arm, short, and neck tan lines along the way, but wearing sunscreen is better than having to apply aloe vera for days to soothe your over-exposed skin.


We’ve created the natural zinc cream because of our love for the ocean. But if you enjoy a trip to the snow, your face will definitely* need protection too. The sun reflects on the snow and it can be even harsher on your skin than on the beach. So if you’re heading to abroad to Japan over the holiday, make sure to pack your zinc. 


Yes, those early mornings in the parks with your trainer do expose you to the sun. And if you’re one of those people rocking a sports bra or some shirtless action, then you will want to protect your skin - no matter how long your session is. 


You’re moving, you’re sweating, your pores are wide open, and the last thing you will want is to give the sun easy access to your epidermis. And whether you run at sunrise or sunset, exposure can still happen. 

Do we need to say more? When our pores are wide open because of exercise, they are more prone to damage  - and that includes absorbing UV rays. So if you’re moving outdoor - no matter the sport - protect yours and your little one’s skin.

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