5 Zero Waste Eco-Items To Take With You To The Farmers Market

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Whether or not you've been following Sun & Earth's journey since 2014, you might know that we love local and farmers market. After all, we spend the first few years road tripping around the east coast to attend markets and meet with the thousands of faces who were interested in a natural and eco-friendly sunscreen.

To this day, a few trusted friends still run Sun & Earth market stands around North NSW and the Gold Coast every month. You can find us at:

  • Byron Bay Market - 1st Sunday of the month
  • Coolangatta Market - 2nd Sunday of the month
  • Bangalow Market - Last Sunday of the month

So believe us when we say we know our way around a local market, and we are pros at making this weekly trip zero waste. The farmers and local market is such an easy way to not only get high-quality products at a decent dollar but also practice some eco-friendly habits. 

We love supporting local farmers - I mean, we do have a farm and make our own goat cheese - and we love to be able to shop fruits, veggies, and bulk items without them being covered in plastic. 

So today, we want to share with you our top 5 must-have reusable items we never leave the house without when going to the farmers or local market.

Water Bottle and Coffee Cup

We don't know about you, but we found that coffee tastes so much better when we buy it from a local brewer and carry it around during our market stroll. Like most people, you probably love to get a drink during your outing. So instead of buying fresh juice in a plastic cup or coffee in a paper cup, why not bring your own reusable drinkware? Most stands will be happy to fill your own cup as it gives them and yourself a chance to minimise their waste. 

Canvas or Cotton Net Bag

This one might be a no brainer since nowadays it is more difficult to shop without it, but you'd be surprised by how many times we've met people who forgot their canvas bag at home and needed a plastic bag. Having a canvas or cotton net bag at hand - especially when you go to the markets - is essential because even though you might think, "I'm not buying anything today", you probably kinda always do. 

Glass Jars and Produce Bags

While we regularly remember to take a bag to carry your fresh goodies, we often don't think of the packaging of our fruit and veggies. Your avocados and apple might be fine hanging loose in your bag, but what about the fresh cherry tomatoes, green beans, or nuts? Nobody like squished veggies and almonds running wild, so bringing your own glass jars and product bags to neatly store freshly bought items is a great alternative to avoid paper bags and plastic boxes. 

Egg Cartons and Food Elastics

That's right. While cartons, boxes, and food elastics are not always considered eco-friendly, sometimes we simply can't avoid it. So instead of buying it for a single-use, why not keep and reuse your egg cartons, leeks elastics and blueberry crates every time you go to the market? Vendors will be more than happy to refill them or simply take them back for reuse. 

Beeswax Food Wrap

If you enjoy getting some berry boxes or cheese at the farmers market, then consider bringing your beeswax wrap. It can help you keep bits and pieces where they belong without resulting in using film wrap and plastic. Cheese is often sold with packaging, but don't be shy and ask the vendor for a non-packaged slice that you can wrap with beeswax. 

Aiming for a zero-waste experience during your weekly stroll at the local and farmers market is easier than you think. By nudging yourself to make a habit of bringing all your reusable goodies, you'll still be able to enjoy yourself while limiting your waste. Both local and farmers market make it convenient to practice more mindfulness around waste, and most vendors will be more than happy to support your eco-friendly habits. 

Heading to the market this weekend? Don't forget to protect yourself and put on some natural zinc on your face. And if you don't have any and is around Northern NSW or the Goldie, come find us!

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