5 Reasons Why Dark Skin Tones Should Wear Sunscreen

Black woman applying tinted Sun & Earth sunscreen for dark skin tone


To keep your skin bouncy, young, and healthy, it is essential to wear sunscreen. And yes, even if you’re Black, Brown, Latino or Asian. 

People with a darker complexion like you, often leave their sun protection to the side. Whether that’s because there is no appropriate product on the market, a lack of tangible information online, or an overall neglect from medical experts to address the issue - protecting dark skin tone against UV rays is unnecessarily difficult, even today. 

And we thought it was about time we touched on everything you need to know about protecting your dark skin from the sun.

1.Dark Skin Get Sunburned Too

Yes, no matter what shades of dark your complexion is, sunburn is not just reserved for white and light skin tone. 

A dark skin often comes with a certain level of melanin, and the darker you are, the more melanin you’re also likely to have. Melanin acts as a natural SPF on the skin. However, even if you naturally produce it, dermatologists note that it only equals to an SPF 13, at most. This is not nearly enough to protect your skin from sun damage. Plus, melanin is not consistent throughout the body. 

So while a sunburn might not look the same as someone with lighter skin, the damage it does can be. Additionally, if your skin is on the lighter shades of dark, your risk of sunburn is equal to a light skin tone.

2.Pigmentation and Discolouration are Real

Over-exposure to the sun comes with predictable downsides. Other than an increased risk of melanomas and accelerated ageing, someone with light skin tone will experience visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

But just because your skin is darker doesn’t mean that you won’t be impacted the same way. Experts have observed that long-term sun exposure for dark skin tone can lead to saggy skin, hyper-pigmentation of dark patches, and skin discolouration. 

According to a consumer report in the US, 61% of Black and 23% of Hispanic people said they never wear sunscreen. However, the same study noted the benefits of wearing sunscreen to prevent skin discolouration and premature ageing. 

3.Melanoma Are Often Too Advanced When Diagnosed In People With Dark Skin

A melanoma is a premature, pigmented cell that takes the form of an uneven mole or mark. If left undiagnosed or untreated, it can develop into skin cancer. 

Many campaigns in Australia urge people to get their skin checked twice a year. However, that advertising often targets those with light skin tone, leaving darker skin to the side.

Because of situations like this, studies show that people of colour are four times more likely to be diagnosed with advanced-stage melanoma. They are also more likely to die of skin cancer than people with a light tone because of late diagnosis and lack of appropriate treatment. 

4.Healthcare Practitioners Are Not Always Trained To Educate You On Skin Protection 

Another unfair yet real fact is that healthcare practitioners are not properly educated to diagnose a melanoma early in people of colour. They also late to diagnose a skin cancer when treating a dark skin tone. 

Skin melanoma can look very different between a dark and light skin. It is common to find melanomas on the neck, stomach or back in most people, but dark skin tone like yours can also have melanoma show up on the palms and soles of the feet. 

5.A White Cast Shouldn’t Stop You From Wearing Sunscreen

While it is definitely a turn-off, there are products and solutions available to protect your dark skin without putting on a white cast all over your face. 

But we know that finding an appropriate sunscreen for your skin tone is tricky. The liquid bases are often full of chemicals, and the mineral options just don’t do the trick. So how can you protect your skin and still look good? Well, we have the solution(s). 

Our Sun & Earth Earthy Cocoa shade was created with dark skin tones in mind. It is a natural, mineral-based SPF30 coverage with a tinted shield that melts onto your skin. To match it shade perfectly to your tone if it is still too light, you can easily blend it with a drop of foundation.

No matter how dark your skin is, it is important to protect it. By wearing sunscreen daily, checking your skin regularly, and even being pushy with your healthcare practitioner if you notice something is off on your skin, you can keep your beautiful complexion safe from the sun.


Black woman with tinted sunscreen for dark skin tone

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