10 Places Besides the Beach to Wear the All-Day Cream

 Sun and earth road trip In the sun

Much like us, you're probably a committed beachgoer. A morning surf before work, a quick tan in between meetings, and a sunset dip make your heart sing. 

While those moments are pretty refreshing, giving you some well-needed vitamin C, It is probably the only time you pull out your all-day cream. 

Like most people, you might only think that the sun really damages your skin when you're actively exposing yourself to it - aka when you tan on the beach. Unfortunately, the beach is not the only place your body absorbs UV's.

As soon as you walk out of the house and spend time outdoors, you're exposing yourself to UVA and UVB. Yes, even when the day is gloomy. And while exposure might not be as strong as a midday tan on the beach, the possibility of skin damage is very much present.

So, where would you wear your all-day cream? 

Here, we listed the 10 most popular places you're probably hanging-out at. So have a look, and don't forget to keep your tint close by for your next outing.

1. Surfing 

We know this one is obvious and related to the beach. But any kind of ocean sport, or outdoor sport for that matter, requires a bit of coverage. How many times have you had your ears or nose burned? The hour-long exposure under the sun, coupled with the water reflection if you're surfing, can boost the UV's effect negatively. So layer up the coverage.

2. Bushwalk

Although your track might include rainforest and plenty of shades, the sun easily manages to make its way through. Without protection, sunburn can occur within 15 minutes, depending on your skin type. So protecting your face and any skin exposed to the sun during a bushwalk is essential. 

3. Local Markets

We love local and farmers markets. After all, you might have seen us a few times in Byron, Coolangatta or Bangalow. We are well aware of how much the sun can take a toll on your skin when you're browsing stalls. So from now on, make sure you add your all-day cream to your market essentials, along with your KeepCup, and reusable bag.

4. Car

How many times have you sat in the car for 30 minutes and came out with one arm cooked? The sun's UVs are cheeky and will manage to make their way past your car, straight onto your skin. If you're planning for a long drive, or know that you're going to hit some traffic and be stagnant, definitely keep an all-day cream close by. 

5. Camping

Aussies are well known for their love of van life and camping. But spending day and night outdoors for several days does come with downsides. UV's are everywhere, even when you unluckily get a rainy camping trip. So have an all-day cream and sunscreen handy, and layer it up as soon as you're out of the tent.

6. Lake

A paddle, a picnic, a chill read under the shady tree, or a fun river-rafting are all awesome activities. But much like a trip to the beach or the bush, Lakes are exposed to the sun. So make your all-day cream an essential for your lake day, along with the bug spray. 

7. Ski Slopes

As Aussies, if we go down one weekend to Perisher, we are lucky, so thinking about putting on sunscreen for a ski trip might not pop up in our mind. But much like water, the snow reflects UV and can be extremely damaging when we spend a whole day at the slopes. The all-day cream is the perfect solution to keep your face from having a goggle burn. 

8. Playground

This one is both for the kiddies and the parents sitting on the bench monitoring them. Unfortunately, not all playgrounds are setup in the shade. And if your kid gives you a tantrum to spend hours at the playground, chances are you'll both absorb a lot of UV’s. So protect your kiddies while they play and yourself while you read.

9. Farm & Gardens

Whether you live on a farm (we do!), nurture a rich garden, or run a secret beehive in your backyard, chances are you spend a fair bit of time outside. And you've guessed it - you can get burned even in your own backyard. So don't be shy and layer up some all-day cream before going outside.

10. Outdoor Cafes

It is always nice to sit outside a cafe in the morning, enjoying a coffee while soaking in some sun. But even at 7 am, the sun can be harsh. A bit of all-day cream can go a long way in keeping your skin safe and fresh, while coffee works its way to kickstart your daily productivity. 

The point? Don't leave the house without a little bit of protection on!

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