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If you’re reading this, chances are you care about the environment as much as we do. It’s no surprise that the human footprint on earth has grown to the point of almost no return over the last few decades. Yet, our awareness has been somewhat limited (and still is) to how the smallest act can negatively affect the planet. 

But instead of dwelling on the things we didn’t do or the things we cannot change, we want to take a rather serious but optimistic look towards the future. 

After all, it is easier than ever to empower yourself to learn, change, and seek awareness around environmental issues. Whether that’s to engage in discussion with activists, or follow environmental accounts on socials, educating ourselves for mama earth is accessible to anyone. 

And with the cooler nights settling here in Australia, there’s nothing better than seeking environmental awareness from the comfort of your own couch. So turn on Youtube or Netflix and get inspired by these 10 must-watch eco-documentaries. 

1. Seaspiracy

One of the latest Netflix releases of 2021, Seaspiracy focuses on the impact and somewhat nasty business of commercial fishing. In a nutshell, this documentary takes you through the oceanic salvage some company go through to source fish. They also explore how fishing considerably depletes our earth, and why banning plastic straws is only the tip of the iceberg, shielding a much bigger problem for our survival as a human species. An eye-opening documentary that will change the way you view fish. Watch on Netflix.

2. 2040

In this ambitious documentary, Filmmaker Damon Gameau explores the possibilities and solutions we have to adapt the way our cities are built concretely. Father of a young child, Gameau felt defeated to leave a earth that is on the brink of extinction. So instead, he decided to scout the most innovative solutions to change the way we live, using the technology we currently have. 2040 is hopeful, visually stunning, and will inspire you to take action. Rent this movie here.

3. A Plastic Ocean

You might have heard of this 2016 documentary, and for good reasons. A Plastic Ocean takes a devastating look at the trash we leave behind. From intoxicating birds and fish to polluting our beaches and ultimately our own food, You will never be able to look at plastic the same way after watching this eye-opening documentary. Available on Amazon

4. Chasing Coral

We have always been very vocal about how sunscreen impacts the coral in our reef. And thanks to this documentary, you can learn more about this endangered ocean species. The filmmakers look at how climate change influences the ocean temperature to rise and how human’s footprint has been slowly killing coral reefs. Yet, it is not quite too late for us to save it. Watch on Netflix

5. Ice on Fire

A follow-up documentary to Before the Flood, Actor and Activist Leonardo Dicaprio explore the impact of climate change on the arctic and how melting ice is feeding our current environmental problems. By looking at new technology to reverse the symptoms that cause the ice to melt, Ice on Fire takes us through both the seriousness and possibilities sitting right in front of us. Available on Youtube

6. Artifishal

This 2019 documentary released online by sustainable outdoor brand Patagonia dives into the fishing industry and the human infrastructure on rivers. We definitely recommend giving this documentary a go for those questioning whether or not to embrace a more plant-based or pescetarian diet. Watch on Youtube

7. More Than Honey

There are many eco-documentaries on ocean and meat out there, but our knowledge of bees and their vital impact on earth is often underrated. More Than Honey raises awareness on the bee industry and the worrying declines of colonies and pollination. A controversial yet often unspoken topic, which makes this documentary an absolute must-watch. Available to rent on Apple & Amazon.

8. Kiss The Ground

Narrated by Actor Woody Harrisson, Kiss The Ground takes an optimistic look at climate change, arguing that one simple solution can be found to reverse the damage humans have caused. And this solution sits right in our soil. From exploring the impact of chemically-grown food and farming to looking at the simple actions we can take to grow our food differently, Kiss The Ground offers up hope and actionable takeaways to make a difference. Watch on Netflix

9. Riverblue

The Fashion industry is a polluting business. Through this Canadian documentary, we get confronted with the damage caused by fashion and how the chemicals used to make our clothes impact our water supplies. From polluting the oceans to polluting our own bodies,  Riverblue confronts us with the repercussions of our quest for fast fashion. Stream Riverblue.

10. My Octopus Teacher

Because there is also beauty to be found when we look at the environment, My Octopus Teacher follows the unlikely bond between a man and an Octopus. Throughout his year-long experiment diving daily into the ocean, Seachange founder Craig Foster intricately record how the ocean taught him to be vulnerable, adaptable, and active in the way he stands up for the world. Watch on Netflix.

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