10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Reuse Your Tin

Zinc cream reusable tint


Have you finished your beloved all-day cream and wondering what to do with your tin? We've got you covered. 

Much like your famous mason jar, tin can be re-used too. In fact, it’s recommended. 

It’s no secret that single-use items are very polluting to the planet. This includes your tin. While we tend to give our steel items a longer life, we are often confused about how to recycle them. And with limited knowledge and time to find out more, we often chuck those items in our regular bin. 

Thankfully, you can change that, starting with your all-day cream tin. We wanted to develop an eco-friendly way to deliver our products while staying clear of plastic. The tin steel made a lot of sense because it doesn’t involve any glue or lamination, unlike plastic.

Along with that, tin steel material is often clean and non-toxic. It doesn’t react or interact with the organic component stored in it, making it a safe alternative for food and beauty product storage. 

What is great about tin is that you can reuse it in various ways once you have fully finished your all-day cream. 

But before you start doing that, you have to give it a good clean. 

With a bit of white vinegar in warm water, use a cloth to gently remove the remaining product of your tin. Rinse it off, let it dry, and voila, you have a tin ready for endless opportunities. 

Here are 10 of our favourite ways to reuse our all-day cream tin.

Store Pantry Goods

Do you have bulk food items like herbs, spices, baking powder, coconut sugar, or leftover nuts? Well, recycle your brown paper bag and use your tin to store them. The tin material seals your ingredients perfectly. You can store it in your cupboard without worries. 

Carry your Snacks

Using your tin to store food doesn’t have to stop at pantry items. If you love to curb out your cravings with mixed nuts, berries, or a bit of yogurt with granola, why not use your tin to take your snacks to work? With its leak-proof abilities, you can be sure that your snacks are safe until you’re ready to dig into them.

Pot a Small Succulent

One of our community members gave us this idea. Who doesn’t fall for those tiny and cute plants? Now you can easily pot one of them in your tin. Choose your favourite succulent, then add it to your tin with some potting soil and rocks. Succulents are very low maintenance, so all there’s left to do is to display them in your home. 

Nest your Jewelry

If you’re one of those people who has a handful of tangled jewellery laying in a drawer, then this one's for you. Your tin offers the perfect size to store your goddess-inspired bling. Whether that’s for your rings, earrings, or necklaces, never lose them again by storing them in your tin.

Hold Bits and Bobs

Do you have random goodies lying around in your drawers? While some of it is just junk you can recycle, we know that others are super important to have “just in case”— things like buttons, spare keys, rubber bands, etc. So perhaps put your tin to use and store them all in one place. Not only tidying those are so satisfying, but it will make it easy for you to find them for that next time.

Keep your Sewing Goodies Safe

Along with bits and bobs often come your emergency sewing kit. The tin is the perfect size to keep your needles, bobbins, and other sewing goodies safe. No more losing pieces of your kit or having the children “accidentally” find it. 

Store Shells

If you have children at home, chances are they love picking up rocks and shells at the beach. So why not allow them to keep them all and store them in a tin? This makes for a happy child without having organic bits getting stuck in your vacuum where you go around their bedroom. Plus, it can be an original way to decorate.

Make a Homemade Candle

Are you feeling crafty? Then we suggest using your tin to make a homemade candle. With some natural wax, a flat wooden stick, and your favourite fragrance, you can easily make a candle in your tin in under 10 minutes. There are hundreds of candle DIY guides online, so get inspired.

Store your Soap

As soon as you use soap, this goodie melts around your bathroom and leaves traces all over if it is not stored properly. So while the tin might be too small to fit a whole soap, it can definitely be used as a standing pot for it. 

Use It to Travel

Last but not least, if you’re planning some upcoming road trips or domestic flights, make use of your tin. You can easily add some of your beauty products to it - like your face cream, cleanser, or shampoo - which removes the need to carry big bottles. It also fits under the 100ml limit if you’re flying. A win, win!

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