what is tinted all day cream? 

Our Tinted All Day Cream is a REVOLUTION in skincare.

It's a nourishing & lasting face cream made to wear in the elements to nourish, tint & protect your skin. It's a day cream with natural SPF 30... it's a foundation, a sun shield and a moisturiser all in one! 

How does it have SPF?

Natural zinc oxide (non-nano) is the active sun screening ingredient and provides an spf 30. Zinc is a natural powdered mineral that sits on the skins surface where it scatters, reflects, and absorbs UVA & UVB rays.

what colours do we make?

We make 3 colours- Sandy Light, Earthy Cocoa & Sunny Tan - all made naturally using iron oxides.

Most people find they are either a perfect match for one colour, or a mix of two. 

what's in it?

25% zinc oxide (Non nano), local beeswax, olive oil*, coconut oil*, cacao butter* iron oxides- food grade. 
* Certified organic & fair trade. 

who is it for? 

Everybody! if you're in the surf or the snow, at work or play, you need to care for your skin. Designed for all skin types & ages, Sun & Earth is for the whole family!

how long will it last in the surf?

Thanks to the ultra sticky local beeswax your cover lasts for hours in the surf. Being a physical shield, so long as you can see the cream it is working for you!

We recommend you reapply every 4 hours. 

We always recommend you patch test on your skin before you apply liberally for the first use. If you develop any signs of sensitivity discontinue use.